Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Two Greatest Steelers In NFL History

Since 1933, the Pittsburg Steelers have won an unbelievable number of championships. The franchise has six Super Bowl titles to its name, which is an NFL record. They also set another record, 11 conference championships. They, of course, could not have done it without fantastic players. Here are two of the greatest Steelers in NFL history. 

Image source: chasetheink.com

Terry Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw is the winningest quarterback in the Steelers franchise history, having won four Super Bowl titles in six years. He holds the distinction of being the first quarterback in the NFL to win three Super Bowls, and subsequently, four Super Bowls. Bradshaw also led the Steelers to an incredible eight AFC Central championships. He became a Pro Football Hall-of-Famer right after he became eligible. He was both strong and powerful. Bradshaw was intimidating for a quarterback. He called his own plays and set his own legacy. 

Image source: nfl.com

Joe Greene
Mean Joe Greene as people called him was the cornerstone of the best defense in NFL history – the Steel Curtain. Many football experts credit Pittsburg’s turnaround and success in the ‘70s to Greene. He was a catalyst for the great transformation and because of this, has been heralded as arguably the greatest Steeler of all-time. 

Duval Love is a retired pro-football player. Love played in the NFL for 12 years, with the Pittsburg Steelers being among the teams he was part of. For more discussion on Love and football, subscribe to this website.


  1. NFL wouldn't have these achievements without these players!

  2. Bradshaw just won 4 super bowl titles in 6 years. Hands down!

  3. Joe Greene is indeed the greatest Steeler of all-time!