Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Greatest Arizona Cardinals of all Time

The Arizona Cardinals have a glorious history, with two NFL championships and a number of playoff appearances. The Cardinal faithful have always followed the team through its ups and downs. Let’s look at two of the greatest players to ever wear the Cardinals jersey.

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Larry Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald was the third overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, and he is worth every penny. He has reached a super status that very few have achieved. His knack for catching passes and scoring touchdowns is awe-inspiring, and his athleticism leaves so many fans bewildered. He has made himself a part of history by ranking 5th in NFL all-time for receiving yards, has the most touchdowns and receiving yards in a postseason, most receptions in a postseason, and the youngest NFL player to reach 700 passes.

Kurt Warner
Warner is a signal caller who had a very rough start in Arizona. He had scores of injuries in his first season, which led him to lose his starting position in his second year with the team. But he bounced back, and did so in big way. He helped the Cardinals get better and better. So much so that he contributed greatly in an unbelievable playoff run the following year, which culminated in the first appearance of the Cardinals in Super Bowl history. Although he didn’t wear the jersey as long as others did, his impact on the team in a short period of time prompted many football experts to consider him as the greatest QB to ever wear the Cardinals’ colors.

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Duval Love is a former American football tackle, who played for a few NFL teams, including the Arizona Cardinals. Learn more about Love by subscribing to this Twitter account.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Understanding Troy Polamalu’s Heartbreak

There’s a bit of buzz going around that former Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu has been nursing a chip on his shoulder for some time now, which is why he has been avoiding any contact with the Pittsburgh organization. Of course, this has everything to do with his rather unceremonious exit from the game, and the team he loved most.

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There’s a story behind it all. According to reports, Polamalu was forced to retire early, “otherwise he would have been had to let go of.”

Being drafted in 2003, he retired in 2014, covering a total of 11 seasons. By NFL standards, the average number of active years for a football player is six years. So with Polamalu’s tenure, he’s had a relatively full career.

However, with Polamalu’s athletic pedigree, this might be a tad too thin. He used to be hailed as Pittsburgh’s top defensive ace, and he had awards to back the label. It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to understand how a player like him, who still had a lot of juice in him at the time, would easily accept Pittsburgh’s decision. On his part, he really wanted to play for the Steelers, and he was ready for another season in 2015. The fact is, it didn’t happen, and up to now, the guy is nursing a broken heart over it.

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Troy Polamalu’s heartbreak is that of every athlete who made it big once upon a time, became probably the only one in the game who could do what he did, but as fate would have it, had to slow down to a full stop. There’s a lesson here that no matter how glorious the moment is, it is all but fleeting.

Duval Love played in the NFL as an offensive lineback in a full career that spannned 12 seasons. For updates on the NFL, visit this blog.